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As a follow up to our earlier “Desert Island Disc” staff project, Northshire staffers recently put together a list of their all time favorite movies. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, as much as I enjoyed the prior project and love music without equal, there was something even more magical about watching this list of cinematic favorites come together.

Dunkirk (Blu ray & DVD) - Movie Review

SKU: 0883929570713

One of the British army's finest hours has been turned into a thrilling drama by director Christopher Nolan (Inception). Surrounded by the enemy during World War II, the Brits wait to be evacuated from Dunkirk beach. They're assaulted from land, air and even from within. Filmed with an IMAX camera and graced with one of Hans Zimmer's finest scores, Dunkirk is an immersive experience that will bring out the best in your home entertainment system. An absolute must-see on Blu-Ray! ~ Reviewed by Charles Bottomley


SKU: 0826663157734

A compact, chilling tale about a widow with a young son who insists that their home is also occupied by a hellish creature he saw in a children's storybook. A perfect example of the fact that a movie doesn't need to cost tens of millions of dollars to generate palpable terror. Essie Davis delivers a harrowing performance as the young woman whose fragile world is crashing down around her. ~ Reviewed by Alden Graves


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