Three Women by Lisa Taddeo - Book Review

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Three Women Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451642292
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Published: Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster - July 9th, 2019

Captivating from the very first chapter, this journalistic endeavor follows three women as they reflect upon their sexual experiences over time. The author creates a descriptive and nonjudgmental atmosphere that allows the reader to view the world from overlooked and commonly misunderstood female perspectives. I believe that this is best nonfiction novel debut I think I have ever read! ~ Reviewed by Laura Knapp

Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape by Lauret Savoy - Book Review

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Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape Cover Image
ISBN: 9781619028258
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Published: Counterpoint - September 13th, 2016

Part memoir, part history, Lauret Savoy is a Geology Professor who writes beautifully using palimpsest as a leitmotif, peeling back the layers of history written on the landscape--what gets remembered, what gets forgotten, and how if affects us all. ~ Reviewed by Percy Sutton

The Adding Machine by William S. Burroughs - Book Review

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The Adding Machine Cover Image
ISBN: 9780802121950
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Published: Grove Press - October 22nd, 2013

One of my favorite essay collections. Burroughs zips between topics like the speed junky he was known to be. Whether discussing linguistics and social issues or space travel and mind control, Hemingway and Fitzgerald or Beckett and Proust, he approached the page with a zany, freakish exuberance that both reflects and, paradoxically, sets him apart from the rest of the Beat Generation authors with whom he’s so commonly lumped. ~ Reviewed by Joe Michon-Huneau

Winter Journal by Paul Auster - Book Review

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Winter Journal Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781250009098
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Published: Picador - December 17th, 2013

Paul Auster lays all of his cards on the table in this tortuous memoir. Every pain he felt, every personal shame and regret are described in shocking detail. Written in the second person, as a reader you really feel an intimate connection with Auster -- even when he is losing his virginity at sixteen to a cheap prostitute in a sketchy dive in the Upper West Side, NYC. Certain passages can be offputting. They can make you feel uncomfortable. However, Auster exposes himself like only the bravest authors can do, and for this I love him. ~ Reviewed by Josh Cohen-Peyton

The Destiny Thief: Essays on Writing, Writers and Life by Richard Russo - Book Review

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The Destiny Thief: Essays on Writing, Writers and Life Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781524733513
Published: Knopf - May 8th, 2018

This is such a fascinating collection of essays that touch upon important moments—of different sizes—that help illustrate Russo's points on his life and career throughout the years. Down-to-earth and unassuming—like his fiction—I loved every page. ~ Reviewed by Alex Bell

The Sensual Joy of Books

Books have entertained, and enriched the lives of, many people. Indeed, the tactile aspects of bound pages can be just as enjoyable as the stories themselves. Some of the great joys in life are touching, smelling, looking at and listening to books.

You go into a bookstore and you can feel the jacket covers, sometimes slippery and soft and sometimes gritty and rough, under your fingers as they protect the books as they silently sit there, waiting until you open that first page. The books call to you, telling you “buy me and you’ll find a magical world.”


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