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SKU: 9781523500314

SKU: 9781452159980

Everyone's favorite grump is back with another year of signature glares and hilariously cranky commentary. Size: 12 x 12 in;
Pages: 24 pp;
Format: Wall Calendar
Publication: July 2017
ISBN: 9781452159980

Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation, two-time New York Times bestselling author, and demotivational guru who judges the world from Arizona. Grumpy Cat’s fame has only continued to grow as she cements her reputation as a pop-culture super star. Her Facebook page has over 7.5 million Likes and continues to grow every day. Feel the Grump:

SKU: 9780761193982

The Unlikely Friendships series has charmed readers with its tender tales of love between animals of all shapes and sizes. The Unlikely Friendships Calendar features 12 stories of heart-tugging interspecies friendship, each accompanied by a charming, full-color photograph of the pair. A large capybara is groomed by a crew of monkey stylists. A dachshund snuggles up to a hedgehog. A Belgian Malinois and an owl defy expectations and find common ground in play. A calendar that the whole family will love.

Celebrate of the hilarious side of birds from the experts at Audubon. Ducks skidding on the ice; the up-close and cross-eyed look of a bald eagle, feathers completely ruffled as if caught in a wind tunnel; a group of penguins looking like they’re about to come to blows; three swan geese working hard to get their synchronized dance routine down pat. Fresh, funny, and surprising throughout, Audubon Birds Gone Wild Calendar matches wacky photographs of surly birds, snobby birds, and manic birds with witty captions. A year's worth of laughs for bird lovers, nature lovers, and the whole family, guaranteed.

SKU: 9780761193722

Bad Cat is a rude walk on the feline wild side. Here are cats going rogue in places where they shouldn’t be—in sinks, in toilets, in houseplants. Here are cats plotting escapes, warding off children, scamming their owners, yet still expecting to be spoiled rotten! Sneaky cats, fat cats, naughty cats, bored cats, and—perhaps worst of all— cats plotting revenge for all those costumes they were forced to wear during the holidays. With bonus features such as Bad Cat Beauty Secrets, Least Wanted Bad Cats, Bad Cat Diet Secrets, Who’s Who in Bad Cats, and Bad Cat Early Warning Signs.

SKU: 9780761193883

The heart-melting, bestselling Pocket Pigs Calendar is back. Each month, Pennywell Farm’s famously tiny teacup pigs attend to their favorite hobbies—hemming clothes on a sewing machine, carrying clubs to a big game of golf, peeping through a telescope—in appropriately tiny proportions. Pigs checking email, pigs snuggling in flower bushels, pigs getting chummy with other farm animals. Sure, you’d like to carry these pocket-size friends around in your palm; a close second best is admiring them on your wall year-round.

SKU: 9781631063442

Cats in sweaters. Is there anything cuter in the world? Cat lovers will enjoy this 16-month calendar for 2018. Whether it's January or July, these cats flaunt their tiny sweaters for your personal delight, brightening up your month with those sweet faces.

SKU: 9781419724572

Featuring the fanciest, funniest, and freakiest fowl, this bestselling calendar has fans across the globe. From elegant plumage to comical combs, this charming calendar includes many previously unpublished photographs of the most incredible chickens ever.
  • Imprint: Abrams Books
  • Publication Date: August 8, 2017
  • Trim Size: 12 x 12
  • ISBN: 1-4197-2457-6
  • EAN: 9781419724572
  • Page Count: 24
  • Illustrations: 24 color photographs
  • Format: Wall

Hunters of the night and silent in flight, owls are truly marvellous creatures. These birds of prey have long existed in folklore and legends as symbols of wisdom, prosperity or plight. The award-winning, National Geographic Owls calendar features a stunning collection of images taken by acclaimed wildlife photographers. Included in the 2018 edition: Great Grey owl; Barn owl; Eastern screech owl; Barred owl; Great horned owl; Northern saw whet owl; Northern eagle owl; Ural owl; Little owl; Tawny owl; Burrowing owl. Each outstanding image is accompanied by a spacious grid with moon phases and international holidays. National Geographic supports vital work in conservation, research, exploration, and education. The calendar includes a 3-year at-a-glance page and is earth friendly, printed with soya-based inks on FSC certified paper.

SKU: 9781770858855

Two hundred million years ago, these self-contained creatures shared Earth with the dinosaurs. Yet long after the demise of their contemporaries, turtles live on. It is not surprising, then, that they have been associated with strength, endurance and longevity throughout history, however slowly they may move. In Turtles 2018, world-renowned photographers catch an intriguing array of these ancient reptiles on film. The detailed images provide a captivating glimpse into the environment and behavior of turtles, while fascinating captions provide background information. Photographed in their natural settings, these distinctive turtles reveal the qualities that made their ancestors such survivors.

SKU: 9780754833765

12-month calendar featuring adorable photographs of baby wild animals.

Publisher: Peony Press
ISBN13: 9780754833765
Binding: Calendar
Pub Date: Jul 6, 2017

SKU: 9789463470315

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