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Le Meridiane Storiche Fiorentine (Testi E Studi) Cover Image
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Calendars in Antiquity: Empires, States, and Societies Cover Image
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Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time Cover Image
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My Own Right Time: An Exploration of Clockwork Design Cover Image
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The Ritual Practice of Time: Philosophy and Sociopolitics of Mesoamerican Calendars (Early Americas: History and Culture #4) Cover Image
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Time and Trace: Multidisciplinary Investigations of Temporality (Study of Time #15) Cover Image
By Sabine Gross (Editor), Steve Ostovich (Editor)
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The Clocks are Telling Lies: Science, Society, and the Construction of Time Cover Image
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Time and Its Adversaries in the Seleucid Empire Cover Image
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Zeit Und Mensch: Untersuchungen Zum Rätselhaften Phänomen Der Zeit Cover Image
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School Zone Time, Money & Fractions Grades 1-2 Workbook Cover Image
The Space Business: From Hotels in Orbit to Mining the Moon - How Private Enterprise Is Transforming Space Cover Image
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Laser-Based Measurements for Time and Frequency Domain Applications: A Handbook (Optics and Optoelectronics) Cover Image
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