Booktopia Testimonials

'Hi Tracy. Thanks so much for looping me into the wonderful world of Booktopia. You folks did a fantastic job. And what a pleasure it is to encounter such devoted readers. Total rejuvenation. Thanks and have a great summer season."

Stephen Kiernan - Booktopia author 2016 - The Hummingbird 

“I have the best of intentions to get notes in the mail to you, Chris, and Stan in the semi-near future once a little dust has settled, but let me just say thank you again -- so much -- for the opportunity to take part in Booktopia this year. I can't say enough good things about it, and about the engaged, enthusiastic, welcoming, and supportive group of people I met there; I imagine you've heard the same thing from the other authors. I've always been aware that there's an engaged community of readers out there that -- in cooperation with independent bookstores, of course -- keeps an organic literary culture alive and thriving, but I never expected to MEET so much of that community together in one place. It's pretty amazing, and extremely heartening. (Kate Green, one of your participants, came with her son to my event at Elliott Bay in Seattle. They're not even FROM Seattle! They were there on vacation!) Anyway: thank you for making that happen and making me part of it. If you ever need anything, let me know! Hope this finds you well! Hi to Stan, Chris, and the gang”!

Martin Seay - Booktopia author 2016  - The Mirror Thief

"Hi Tracy, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how fabulous this weekend was. I especially liked the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the weekend; it harkened back to the first Booktopia I attended in 2012. For me, I really liked the amount of time between events and where the events were held because it allowed me time to interact with the authors as well as other Booktopians. It was nice not to have to jump up and run off to the next session. Additionally, the amount of time allotted for lunch allowed me to actually lunch to keep up my energy for the afternoon. I have to say that I was a bit concerned when I first saw the author list - primarily because there were so many first time authors on the list. I put my trust in you and the book sellers, and I was not disappointed. I may not have loved every book, but after the sessions and conversations around these books (whether at the bar in the Inn or in the cafe at the store), I have come away from the weekend with an appreciation of all of them. I also came away with a whole new stack of books to read and then introduce to my students thanks to Aubrey's suggestions (both in the session and then from conversation afterwards). I don't know if there's something beyond an unequivocal success, but if there is, then this weekend is that word. I always feel a twinge of sadness when I leave Manchester, but this year it was more than a twinge. We miss the Northshire the 51 weeks we're away from it and wish Central NJ had a store like this (or really any indy store). I'm very grateful for the time spent convening with the book culture and talking (and in some cases sharing a beer) with the authors. Words are not adequately capturing my thoughts and feelings about the weekend. Thank you for all your hard work. Looking forward to Booktopia 2017."

Cherylann Schmidt Booktopia attendee 2016

"Outstanding! If I had to choose just one word to describe Northshire’s recent gathering of authors and readers, outstanding describes my feelings well. What I particularly liked was how the Northshire staff made it their own while keeping the character and spirit of the prior Booktopia events. I can honestly say Booktopia 2016 has been the best yet with more to come I hope. I am certain that you are analyzing the whole and I am doing the same. Northshire has far more to consider than I do. Though some of my considerations overlap, dates, lodging and budget, I do not have to consider staffing, hosting authors or most importantly a profit margin. I’m certain you will hear from many of us who attended this weekend. As a whole those I spoke with had very positive things to say. We are a large group with different needs and expectations. I am going to keep myself from offering suggestions unless I am asked. If everything was done just as it was, I would be satisfied. Nothing is accomplished without the cooperation of many. My sincere thanks to all of you, some of who I met, and others in the background for providing me with a phenomenal weekend of camaraderie with those who write, those who read, and those who bring the two together.

Carol Kubala Booktopia attendee 2016

Hi Tracy! I'm so glad the tradition will continue! I can't wait for next year!"

Nan Johnson Booktopia attendee 2016

Thank for a fabulous weekend!  I and my guests had a wonderful time - and got some great books!
Do you know the dates for next year's event?  
Kind regards,
Margie Pritchard

Thank you Tracy for another awesome Booktopia!    All your hard work has paid off again and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it!  Till next year :)

Karen Seaman

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for a wonderful weekend of books.  As this was my first Booktopia, I did not know what to expect, but I could not have enjoyed myself more.  Everyone in the store was wonderful; the authors were fantastic, and my fellow participants were warm and welcoming.  The Wilburton Inn was a perfect place to stay. 
I am very much looking forward to Booktopia 2018 and to the mystery weekend that you mentioned (hope that comes together) this coming fall.   
Thanks again for making Booktopia 2017 a wonderful event. 
Debbie Moore

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Booktopia 2017 was.  The authors selected were all fantastic and once again your staff went above and beyond.  There were many highlights of the weekend but Jason's author presentation was a favorite. 
I thought you might enjoy the attached photo of you with his "bestseller".
Again, thank you so much for all of the hard work that went into this.  It is very much appreciated.
Joan Stelmac

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend and the exceptional job you did putting this  together.  I just loved all of the books and all of the authors. It was so great to meet up with old friends and also meet new friends.  Thank you for continuing Booktopia and I hope you can do this for many years ahead.  

Ps.  It was enjoyable to visit and listen to the authors at the Reluctant Panther and the Wilburton Inn. They were fabulous venues to host the author - seating so comfortable and much easier to hear. 
Hope to see you next year!!!
Jane Teixeira

With grace, humor and professionalism, you managed to nail Booktopia once again. Please accept my sincere gratitude. 

Of course I realize no one works alone. Booktopia is a team effort. I waltz into the Northshire, and am immediately welcomed back. The bookstore becomes my retreat for the weekend, made possible by all who comprise the Northshire team. To all of you, thank you for providing an experience that cannot be compared. 

Booktopia is always a special event. This gathering of authors, book sharing with old friends and new, laughter, reflection, hosted by the outstanding Independent Bookstore, Northshire in the beautiful backdrop of the Village of Manchester, was phenomenal.
Paraphrasing Karen King Seaman “We are living in Booktopia Afterglow. If only this could be bottled.”
My fond regards,  

Carol Kubala

Russell Gray
May 9 at 11:42am · 
Back at work after an amazing Booktopia 2017. Big thanks to Northshire and all the people there (Tracy Davies for rescuing me when lost!). Emily Fine for being a great host. Chris Wolak for being an encyclopedia of New England knowledge and driving us everywhere. Both for taking me to so many bookstores. Julia Leslie Warmer for being such an amazing book companion. To all the new friends I made, old friends I saw, amazing authors I met I say thank you for making the weekend before my birthday fantastic!! And last but not least, Dan Black Jr for making coming home the best part of it all. Big hugs and much love!!

Tracy, Booktopia was fantastic!  Thank you to you and everyone at Northshire, for the wonderful weekend! I'm already anticipating 2018!
Katie Loss


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