Memories of My Mommy: A Child's Memory Book for After the Loss of a Mother (Paperback)

Memories of My Mommy: A Child's Memory Book for After the Loss of a Mother By Kathryn E. Robinett Cover Image


Memories of My Mommy is written for children, birth to around age 12, who have unfortunately lost their mother (teen/young adult and adult versions available). There are over 100 prompts geared for children to complete by themselves or with the help of others, to recall memories to be written down and not forgotten.

Not only is this a healthy way for children to work through their big feelings after the loss of their mother, but it also is an amazing keepsake that they will cherish as they get older.

The book is a large 8X10 size, perfect for smaller children and their larger handwriting. It is full of color to keep them engaged, and it also can be completed in any order so as to not overwhelm the child.

Memories of My Mommy includes fill in the blank, short answer, and open-ended prompts. There are also spaces to add photos (or draw), handwriting samples, and recipes, as well as open journal pages and areas for others to add in their personal memories.

Sample prompts are

  • When Mommy was a little girl, she wanted to be a _______ when she grew up.
  • Mommy's favorite color was _______.
  • Her favorite place to be in the house was _________.
  • My Mommy is the best because ________.
  • A personality trait that I inherited from Mommy is _______.
  • Something silly that Mommy always did was _______.
  • Mommy wore size _____ shoe, and her favorite shoes were _______.
  • A smell that reminds me of Mommy is ________.
  • The best advice Mommy gave me was _______.

Other areas include

  • Ways to honor Mommy on the anniversary of her death.
  • Sections to write out feelings.
  • Sections to write letters to Mommy.
  • Sections for others to write their memories.

Memories of My Mommy will be treasured for a lifetime.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988122609
Publisher: Kat Rob Books
Publication Date: July 24th, 2023
Pages: 84
Language: English