No Dead Babies: How Amazon Pursued Profit Above Safety and How to Protect Your Family (Paperback)

No Dead Babies: How Amazon Pursued Profit Above Safety and How to Protect Your Family By Rachel Johnson Greer Cover Image
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Amazon's low price doesn't mean low risk. When you spend money on Amazon or online retail sites, that low price could put you, or your family, in harm's way. Most people expect that products bought online are vetted and have gone through testing-but that isn't necessarily the case.

You can't rely on companies to keep your family safe from hazardous issues. It's up to you.

Former Amazon safety specialist Rachel Johnson Greer shares the knowledge you need to recognize dangers lurking on your doorstep in blue-taped Prime boxes. Filled with startling facts and reports, this guide will open your eyes to the truth about online marketplaces and help you make your living space safe-before suffering a senseless, avoidable tragedy.

You'll discover

- Top safety tips for products in every room of your house, from the materials in your bath to the apparel in your closet and the ingredients in your kitchen.

- Key steps to stay safe in a "buyer beware" marketplace when the proper organizational safeguards aren't in place.

- A behind-the-scenes look revealing the ethical-and not so ethical- practices of Amazon's business management in the past decade.

- What parents should keep in mind while buying children's toys for each age level.

- A transformation in thinking of how product safety standards affect your daily life.

Take back your power from a company that prioritizes profit margins, not consumer safety. Get No Dead Babies now to protect yourself from becoming a statistic-before you add another item to your online shopping cart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985083415
Publisher: Jolulyon Publishing
Publication Date: April 29th, 2022
Pages: 238
Language: English