Inspirational Baseball Stories for Young Readers: 12 Unbelievable True Tales to Inspire and Amaze Young Baseball Lovers (Paperback)

Inspirational Baseball Stories for Young Readers: 12 Unbelievable True Tales to Inspire and Amaze Young Baseball Lovers By Mike Johnson Cover Image
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Baseball's history is full of inspiring people and stories. Whether you're a player or a fan, the lessons in this book will help you thrive on the diamond and off it.

Every time you watch or play in a baseball game, you learn something. Sometimes, you learn something about baseball. Other times, you learn something about life. The 12 inspirational baseball stories in this book provide a fast track to realizing the immutable secrets of success in both.

Learn from some of baseball's greatest heroes and athletes, like Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, Jim Abbott, and, of course, Jackie Robinson. Find out their secrets to success and how to use their experiences to succeed in your own life.

The purpose of these inspirational stories is simple: educate the next generation of baseball players and fans on the importance of hard work, setting and achieving goals, overcoming the odds, and defeating challenges.

Within these pages you'll discover:

● 12 inspirational stories that will change how you think about baseball and life.

● Quotes and experiences from some of the best players to ever step on an MLB field.

● Many of the mental secrets to success in the game of baseball.

● Ways to connect baseball's history and inspirational lessons to your own life and experiences.

● The importance of challenging yourself through hard work and goals.

● A deeper understanding of why baseball is considered America's Pastime.

With a detailed recounting of some of the game's most inspirational players, teams, and events, you'll be gripped from the first chapter to the last. Each section is full of player quotes, facts, and captivating details to help young and old baseball fans appreciate the significance of the most inspirational stories in baseball.

This book contains all of the life lessons young baseball players need to both inspire and be inspired. If you follow the advice and knowledge from this book, you'll be on the correct path to reaching the MLB

For anyone that plays, watches, or just simply loves baseball, this book will reinvigorate your passion for the game and provide valuable lessons on navigating life's most challenging obstacles.

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