In Your Powerzone: Elevate Your Social Skills And Self-Esteem, Tackle Social Anxiety, And Build Your Confidence Without Burnout: A Self-H (Paperback)

In Your Powerzone: Elevate Your Social Skills And Self-Esteem, Tackle Social Anxiety, And Build Your Confidence Without Burnout: A Self-H By Mia Reyes Cover Image
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Feeling like your best self can be so hard

Do you often find it super hard to be yourself and feel confident?

Do you think you may be dealing with social anxiety or low self-esteem and need answers?

Are you a parent to a teen, looking to understand, help, and reconnect?

If social anxiety, self-doubt or low confidence stop you from being you, it's totally exhausting. The struggle to make friends or feel included, the missing out on chances, maybe even giving up on your talents. Seriously, sometimes it feels like being frozen just watching everyone else making their lives happen.

Discover how you can change this

Firstly, you aren't alone.

According to Forbes, 53% of people often feel socially awkward or lacking confidence in their personal or social lives. Plus, according to the NIH, around 7.1% of US teens deal with social anxiety.

But in everyday life, things are so hard to pinpoint. How do you even know where to start?

In this book set you'll explore:

  • Effective ways to find your personal starting point and where best to begin
  • Proven methods to tackle social anxiety and start building your social confidence
  • Why jumping in too fast can block and burn you out
  • Why it's BIG to accept your emotions as part of your experience
  • Proven ways to control intense feelings without hating them
  • Tips from real people that work in real life
  • Annoying myths vs. actual facts about social anxiety, insecurity, or being introverted
  • Direct ways to dismantle self-doubt and mute the unfair inner critic
  • Facts and myths about bullying and why it happens
  • Key tactics to break any bullying cycles you or someone you know might be stuck in
  • Quiz to find out if you are a people pleaser and how to stop it
  • Self-appreciation exercises to raise your self image
  • The most powerful way to sync in with your body
  • How body positivity can help skyrocket your self-esteem
  • How to learn assertiveness while being objective and fair
  • The one crucial mindset change that turns people into go-getters
  • How to always stay true to yourself, your personality, and your values
  • Bonus: 20 shareable power quotes for your motivation wall
  • ..and more

So, analyze the sitch and explore your options. The time to elevate your awesome self is now

This set of books outlines your steps exactly in the right order, without making you burnout.

So you can make progress even if you've tried dealing with these challenges before but couldn't break through.

"I'm obsessed. I mean it, best mental health book I've read all summer " -Mia, beta reader

Let's go Scroll back up and grab your copy now. You CAN make this happen

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ISBN: 9798888964163
Publisher: MIA Reyes
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English