My Christmas Wish (Paperback)

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Christmas has always been Chantal's favorite time of year. During her youth, she had written Santa and received whatever she asked for. However, as an adult, she wasn't too sure what this Christmas would bring since she discovered she had a positive mammogram. Although she was with the man of her dreams, that all changed once she started her post-mastectomy treatments.
Chantal has had her share of uncaring men when it comes to relationships. So, when she encounters Chandler McNaughton, she stays as far away from him as possible. She had given her heart to Tyrone; he'd left her high and dry when she needed him most. To say men weren't on her radar would be an understatement. Chantal decided she would weather her illness the way she had before.
When Chandler came upon a young lady who'd passed out in the grocery aisle, he felt something stir deep inside. No, he didn't know her, but for some unknown reason, she called out to him as no one had since he lost his wife almost ten years ago. But finding out what caused the beauty to pass out had Chandler shying away from her. He didn't want to lose love again. Although Chandler felt that way, his heart continued to call for his damsel in distress until he had no choice but to answer the call.

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ISBN: 9798864602072
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 20th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English