Smart Sleep: Your New Superpower (Paperback)

Smart Sleep: Your New Superpower By Vikram Arora Cover Image
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Smart Sleep is a redesigned method of an ancient yogic sleeping technique. The story goes like this:

After a decade of brutal night shift work wrecked his sleep cycle and health, Vikram knew he had to make a change. Unable to rest even after days without sleep and suffering from multiple issues, the author was desperate for a solution.

This led him to uncover the ancient practice of yoga nidra, used by rishis for millennia to access deep meditative states. Distilling its essence into a modern method suitable for everyone, Vikram designed the Smart Sleep technique. This book shares the simple yet potent formula anyone can use to rebalance their sleep in just 21 minutes a day. No mystical rituals required - just practical wisdom forged from Vikram's journey back from the brink of sleep disaster.

Smart Sleep offers the antidote to our collectively exhausted, sleep-deprived society.

21 Minutes of Smart Sleep equals 90 minutes of deep sleep rest.

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ISBN: 9798864459676
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 15th, 2023
Pages: 112
Language: English