Quantum Psychology of Mind (Paperback)

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By Axel
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Each chapter of this book contains exercises to help the reader understand and "internalize" (learn to apply) the principles of quantum psychology. Ideally, this book should serve as a teaching tool for the group meeting once a week to do the exercises and discuss the day-to-day application of the lessons learned.I use the "scattered" technique of the Sufi authors. Individual topics in this book are not always dealt with in a linear, "logical" order - I usually arranged them in a non-linear, psycho-logical order, designed to pave new ways of thinking and perception. This technique should also facilitate the "internalization" process.It is dangerous to understand new things too quickly. Josiah Warren, True Civilization Some parts of this book will appear to many readers."Materialistic", and those who do not like science (and "understand" new things very quickly) may even decide that the whole book has a scientific-materialistic bias. Curiously, other parts of the book seem"Mystical" (or even "worse than mystical") readers of a different kind, and these people may find that the book has an occult or even soliptic bias.I make these gloomy predictions with great confidence, based on experience. I have so often heard myself called a "materialist" and "Mystic" that he finally understood: no matter how I change my "approach" from one book to another, there will always be people who will read in my texts precisely those exaggerations and simplifications that I tried most carefully to avoid. This problem seems to be not just me; something similar happens to every writer, to a greater or lesser extent.As Claude Shannon proved in 1948, "noise" gets into any channel of communication with any device of the latter.In electronic means of communication (telephone, radio, TV), noise takes the form of interference, channel overlap, etc. It is for these reasons that when a soccer game is on TV, at the most decisive moment in the broadcast, the voice of a woman can sometimes intervene, explaining to her milkman how many gallons of milk she will need this week.When printing, noise appears primarily as "typos" - missing words, parts of a sentence that suddenly appear in a completely different paragraph, incorrectly understood copyright edits that change one mistake to another, etc. I was once told about a sublime novel, which in the author's version ended with the words "He kissed her under the silent stars." ("He kissed her under the silent stars"). Readers were immensely surprised when they saw the following ending in the printed book: "He kicked her under the silent stars." (There is another version of this old anecdote that is even funnier, but less believable. According to this version, the last line looked like this: "He kicked her under the cellar stairs.

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