Guided Wicca Workbook: Wiccan Starter Series: Beginner Witch Workbook (Paperback)

Guided Wicca Workbook: Wiccan Starter Series: Beginner Witch Workbook By Luna Clarke Cover Image
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Are you curious about Wicca but don't know where to begin? Do you want an easy, gentle, and safe introduction to the Wiccan religion?

Look no further because this guided Wicca workbook is exactly what you need to get started. ✨

The workbook covers every area of Wicca-- from deities to altars to magick. It is simple to understand and easy to get started. It provides a common-sense explanation for what may seem like complex and confusing concepts in Wicca.

What's the Wiccan Rede? What's my Element? How do I do lunar magick?

You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this handy workbook. It will serve as a great reference whether you're new to the path or even if you're just curious.

Beautifully design by Wiccans for Wiccans, this gorgeous workbook will provide you with nuggets of wisdom. Use it as a beginning place of instruction, and a springboard to further Wiccan study if you desire.

The workbook touches on every area you'll want to learn about. Some examples include:

  • Wiccan Deities
  • The Wheel of the Year and Seasonal Changes
  • Wiccan Sabbats
  • The Five Elements and Cardinal Directions
  • Meaning of the Pentagram
  • Zodiac Signs and Correspondences
  • Wiccan Magick and Spells
  • Magickal Tools
  • Wiccan Ethics and Morals
  • The Wiccan Rede
  • The Rule of Three
  • White vs Black Magick
  • The Moon, Its Phases, and What They Mean
  • Lunar Magick
  • Herbs and Herbal Magick
  • Crystals and How to Use Them
  • Divination
  • Sacred Rituals and Altar Spaces
  • What is a Book of Shadows?

All material is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, taking care to define new concepts and provide examples when needed.

As you learn, there is space for writing and reflection. It will help you to ponder the topics more deeply and to understand what exactly they mean to you. After using this guided Wicca workbook, you'll have a deep understanding of the mysterious and magickal aspects of Wicca-- and yourself.

The gothic-inspired workbook features:

  • A statement cover showcasing original and bold artwork.
  • 8.5x11" trim size to give plenty of room for writing.
  • Makes a great gift for yourself or another new Wiccan in your life.
  • Use it as a companion with your grimoire or book of shadows, or any supplemental reading you may have.

Let this guided Wicca workbook be the canvas for your exploration of the path.

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ISBN: 9798642048924
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 29th, 2020
Pages: 90
Language: English