Progeny Rising: Deception. Betrayal. Destiny. (Paperback)

Progeny Rising: Deception. Betrayal. Destiny. By Taylen Calder Cover Image
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Progeny, prah-jeh-nee ] noun, plural.
  • Descendants or young successors
"What's he doing here?"
"Protecting you."
"From what?"
"Rex," Connor shouted back as the noise from the helicopter above drowned out his voice. "He's desperate. He's set to lose everything. Even the police are circling."

The second book of the Progeny Succession novels, Progeny Rising follows on from the events of Progeny Descending and chronicles the ongoing families at war saga of the Soloman and Masterson dynasties.

Set thirteen years after the first book, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit Soloman Securities hard. While new friendships are forged, old festering animosities resurface as Rex Masterson faces a personal and financial crisis that threatens the very existence of his company and family. And then there is Harry, Kathy's younger son, desperate to find love somewhere away from his dysfunctional and self-destructive family. Love is lost and found as the final tragedy unfolds. Who did survive the storm of Progeny Descending and what does the future hold as lives begin to unravel?

Written in Taylen Calder's customary page-turning style and peppered with wry smiles, this business and family saga unfolds over fifty years with the story arc commencing in the intriguing Progeny Descending.

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ISBN: 9798584879105
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 28th, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English