Bruin: The Grand Bear Hunt: Large Print (Paperback)

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On the banks of the Neva, near the great city of Saint Petersburg, stands a splendid palace, known as the Palace Grodonoff. It is the propertyof a Russian nobleman of that name, as it is also his place of residence.Were you to drive up to the front gate of this grand palace, you would see acoat-of-arms sculptured in granite over the entrance. In this piece ofsculpture, the principal and most striking figure is a bear, with the blade of aknife buried in his breast, the haft being clutched by a human hand Openthe gate, and enter the spacious courtyard. Inside, on the right and left, youwill observe two live bears-both of chestnut-brown colour, and each ofthem as big as a buffalo. You cannot fail to notice them, for, ten chances toone, they will rush towards you with fierce growls; and were it not that astrong chain hinders them from reaching you, you might have reason torepent having entered the courtyard of the palace Grodonoff. Look aroundyou in the courtyard and over the different doors that open upon it; you willagain see the crest of the bear, sculptured in stone; you will see it over thestables, the coach-house, the granary, the kitchens, -everywhere. You mayknow by all this, that it is the coat-of-arms of the Baron Grodonoff, whosecrest is a bear with a blade buried in its breast, and a human band clutchingthe haf.

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ISBN: 9798584822651
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2020
Pages: 246
Language: English