Can You Forgive: The Journal Workbook of Forgiveness (Large Print / Paperback)

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A #1 New Release Best Seller: Can You Forgive-The Journal Workbook: From the author of the book of forgiveness Chosen 15 Minutes with Jesus, now comes the Can You Forgive the workbook. The Journal Workbook contains exercises, lessons, practice material, and an overview test preparedness to help recognize and simplify the understanding and the approach to overcoming unforgiveness; while being set free through the power of faith, forgiveness, and salvation. How, his name is Jesus. The purpose of this journal workbook is to help in prospering the individual, families, friends, groups, and couples, by introducing you to the application and gift of knowledge and forgiveness, all-the-while enhancing your walk with God. This personal journal workbook can help bring a fuller awareness and satisfaction in living out the rest of your life with wisdom and greater faith; by breaking the chains of unforgiveness. The workbook is in concordance, consistent, and in accord with using the writings of the bible known as Scripture for a better understanding of explanation. Can You Forgive Series: - (1) Chosen 15 Minutes With Jesus "the testimonial Book of Forgiveness"(2) Can You Forgive The Journal the Workbook (3) God-The Only Thing That Matters the Guidebook11x12 Journal Workbook, 149 Pages, Large print. USD 19.98.

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ISBN: 9798579767486
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 11th, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English