When the SNEAKSOULS Came... (Paperback)

When the SNEAKSOULS Came... By Susan Fielden Cover Image
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A thousand years into the future, after the human Great Dying, new species have appeared in the fantasy world of Gaia, some good, some evil. Post-apocalyptic earth is unrecognisable; cities lie abandoned, electronic devices, cars, industries stopped, humanity almost extinct.

This epic fantasy book starts with the death of a murdered Delphin. In the Land of Contagion, the Demon Queen Maabella is slowly dying. Only the healing power of the Chi Rho can save her. This mysterious jewelled cross is hidden in the Delphin's peaceful homeland, Brightdale; Maabella's hellish Sneaksouls are on the way there to find the Chi Rho.

Featuring a cast of unforgettable mythical creatures from a world both terrible and wondrous, When the Sneaksouls Came is an epic fantasy adventure which sees our Delphin heroes take the holy cross into wild and dangerous lands.

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ISBN: 9798527778724
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 28th, 2021
Pages: 452
Language: English