Water Aerobics for Newbies: Lose weight with swimming fitness tips (Paperback)

Water Aerobics for Newbies: Lose weight with swimming fitness tips By Nishat Noor Cover Image
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The benefits of water aerobics
We know the properties of a liquid to make a person practically ingest since childhood. On this quality, as well as the ability to provide a massage effect, the entire training complex is built. Overcoming the resistance of water, a person is forced to expend a significant amount of calories, and if to this you add the need to warm the body, that is, to expend additional energy, the effect is simply amazing
The benefits of swimming in the pool itself are enormous, especially for the spine. Experts say that this sport uses all muscle groups at work, acting as an excellent alternative to regular training. So if you combine swimming with elements of fitness, the benefits of the pool will be obvious.
The benefits of exercising in the water are the gentle stress on the joints. The risk of injuring them is reduced to zero, and this is very important for the elderly, obese and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Experts never tire of repeating about the dangers of conventional core workouts, but in the water, the main "engine" of the human body does not experience stresses as on land.
On the contrary, water aerobics improve the functioning of the heart muscle, increase its strength and volume. The circulatory system works in an ideal way for this: it improves the venous blood output.
Staying afloat, overcoming the resistance of the water, and even performing the actions that the instructor dictates, is not so easy. Water aerobics for weight loss are very effective, since in 40-60 minutes of such exercises, the body loses up to 700 Kcal. There is only so much to lose with high-speed skiing.
Exercising in water has been shown to significantly speed up the body's metabolism.
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