Using Credit Cards 102: Intermediates Growing Their Lives (Paperback)

Using Credit Cards 102: Intermediates Growing Their Lives By Joshua King Cover Image
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The most expensive time of your life is between ages 25-45. During this timeframe, most people accumulate an unimaginable amount of credit card debt.

My recommendation is to avoid credit cards at all costs at this point. However, as someone who passed this phase (I'm 41), I am a realist.

You will get out unscathed if you can keep a total limit of $10,000 for your household. If you find yourself near this limit, you may need to take a personal loan.

Banks design credit cards to accumulate interest using compounding-all working against you and your family.

Don't fall for the lie of more earned income via pay raises. Your expenses are rising faster than your paycheck.

You must live below your means, budget religiously, and celebrate small victories. Once you get past this explosion of expenses, life (and finances) becomes much more manageable. Trust me

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Publication Date: October 10th, 2022
Pages: 64
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