Left Hand Path Christianity of the Qedesha Mary Magdalene (Paperback)

Left Hand Path Christianity of the Qedesha Mary Magdalene By Qadishtu-Arishutba'al Immi'atiratu Cover Image


There was an eclipse the night of the crucifixion.
Mary Magdalene arrived at the tomb not at daylight but before dawn. Just like an underworld priestess to guide the hero - like Goddesses Anat and Ishtar descending to rescue the god of Life from the realm of Death - thus by the time Mary Magdalene gets there, the journey is complete, She meets the Sun and the resurrected Christ.
In those times paganism was as patriarchal as Judaism. The teachings of Christ were not patriarchal; on the contrary, they gave freedom to women. Converting to Christianity women renounced their status as legal property of their husbands, parents or any other male relative.
Judaism specially excluded women since their covenant was made through circumcision. They even denied their true God El in favour of a lesser storm god that they'll turn progressively into the only God; just so they could distance themselves from God's wife and children whom were being part of the mayor cults of the neighboring countries.
True Christianity is the reestablishing of The Cult of the feminine wisdom.
Virgin mother Mary gave birth to lighting incarnate. Ba'al the god of storms, rain, water to quench the thirst of all life. Son of Father El.
Mary Magdalene, the Virgin warrior, one of the female Christs. She's the virgin Anat, Astarte and Qedeshet are her sisters the anointresses of the true Eternal King Ba'al appointed by the father of all gods - El.

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