The Descent of the Sumerian Civilization and the Rise of the Akkadian Empire (Paperback)

The Descent of the Sumerian Civilization and the Rise of the Akkadian Empire By Ryan Moorhen Cover Image
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Sargon of Agade or Akkad is a name associated primarily with later Mesopotamian tradition, and modern writers view his reign as one of the most crucial periods in the ancient history of his country. As Nabonidus mentions the age of Naram-Sin in his text, the Dynasty of Akkad has become the canon to measure the relative ages of other dynasties of rulers whose inscriptions have been found on various Mesopotamian sites in the past. Despite those historians who have refused to place reliance upon the figures of Nabonidus, Sargon's position in history has not been diminished by their refusal; and, since tradition associates his name with the establishment of his empire, the terms "Pre-Sargonic" and "Post-Sargonic" have been used to describe the earlier and later phases in the history of Sumer and Akkad. The discovery of early inscriptions and tablets attributed to Shar-Gani-Sharri of Akkad removed any tendency to discount the historical value of the later traditions, and identify Shar-Gani-Sharri with Sargon of the Assyrian and Neo-Mesopotamian scribes ceased to be questioned. Sargon of Agade's historical character is a point in early Mesopotamian history that can be considered solidly established. A recent discovery at Susa has added another dimension to the discussion and opened it up along unfamiliar lines. To explain and reconcile the new data with the old, it will be helpful to briefly mention the steps by which Sargon's name was recovered and his place in history determined.

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