Tantra: Sex for the Soul (Paperback)

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Tantra: Sex for the Soul humbly aims to go where no book of Tantra has gone before. For those who know nothing about Tantra, this book is bound to profoundly change your life. For those who have started down the path, it will deepen and enhance your knowledge. This perfect system - conceived with so much insight and wisdom thousands of years ago - is presented in a practical, step-by-step approach that guides newcomers as well as more experienced practitioners to reach a coherent understanding of sexual Tantra. Tantra: Sex for the Soul reveals all the tips and secrets to realize accurate practice, the remarkably multiorgasmic horizons that await, and Tantra's exceptional potential for health, healing, and higher consciousness.

While in today's environment of neo-Tantra, the spiritual aspects of this system have become lost and superseded by the spectacular sexual results of tantric practice, Tantra: Sex for the Soul does not waver from its commitment to a sacred approach that honors the revelations of the authentic Indian and Tibetan tantric traditions. This book - supplemented with many personal testimonials - guides the reader through the ins and outs of all aspects of Tantra: fundamental principles, energy and its control, sexology, men's and women's issues, individual training and techniques, relationships, lifestyle, tantric massage, and much more.

Genuine in his commitment to share this lineage with modern seekers, Somananda Moses Maimon provides readers with one of the most comprehensive books available on this subject. You are hereby invited to explore the mysteries of Tantra - an invitation to discover the soul-touching depths of your own being and the beautiful heights of ecstasy accessible to everyone.

About the Author

Somananda Moses Maimon, a renowned Yoga and Tantra teacher worldwide, has been studying and teaching the authentic tantric teachings and secrets since 2000 in India, Thailand, and Europe. Thousands of people have attended his classes and events internationally. A former lawyer, Somananda discovered Yoga in 1996 and has practiced diligently ever since, realizing its purifying, health-promoting, and spiritual effects. In 1999 he met his spiritual teacher in India and Tantra became his life's mission. At that point he left behind his career to devote himself entirely to the study and practice of authentic Indian and Tibetan Tantra. Whereas many of today's tantric teachings can properly be called "neo-Tantra," Somananda is especially interested in sharing the ancient secrets that belong to true tantric lineages, and his book reflects this in an approach well adapted for modern-day tantric enthusiasts. Tantra: Sex for the Soul is an excellent resource for complete beginners on the path of Tantra as well as for those who have discovered its wonders and promises. Somananda, who is additionally a certified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, has been teaching Yoga and Tantra across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East since 2000. He founded Bhairava Yoga in Estonia in 2010 and is its head teacher.

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ISBN: 9789949333509
ISBN-10: 9949333504
Publisher: Tantra: Sex for the Soul
Publication Date: January 10th, 2014
Pages: 212
Language: English