Geomorphology of Lake-Catchment Systems: A New Perspective from Limnogeomorphology (Environmental Earth Sciences) (Paperback)

Geomorphology of Lake-Catchment Systems: A New Perspective from Limnogeomorphology (Environmental Earth Sciences) By Kenji Kashiwaya Cover Image
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This book presents the study of limnogeomorphology, in which past proxy data such as lacustrine sediments with information on landform development can be linked to modern observed data acquired by instruments, including hydro-geomorphological and sedimentary data.
Traditionally, in the field of earth sciences, it has been thought that geophysical studies dealing mainly with the present process were not smoothly linked to geological studies that originated from historical studies. Although such earth-surface process studies are closely related to those on historical landform development in the field of geomorphology, they have been studied separately. Those two geomorphology studies correspond to process geomorphology (dynamic geomorphology) and historical geomorphology. There have been some attempts to combine them; however, they lacked past quantitative records available for further analyses. In the study of limnogeomorphology, proxy data can be convertedto quantitative information to be utilized in future environmental discussions.
This book also covers information not only on large lake-catchment systems, but on small systems. Those include long-term and short-term and large-scale and small-scale environmental changes in east Eurasia such as Lake Baikal, Lake Khuvsgul, Lake Biwa, and small lakes in Japan, Mongolia, China, and Korea.

About the Author

Kenji Kashiwaya is a professor emeritus and researcher at the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology of Kanazawa University, Japan. He has been engaged intensively in the geomorphology of lake-catchment systems in East Eurasia, including Russia (Siberia), Mongolia, northeast China, Korea, southeast and southwest China (Tibet and Yunnan), and Taiwan. Major results about Lake Baikal in Siberia were published in his book Long Continental Records from Lake Baikal in 2003. Comparatively short-term environmental studies of East Asia were published in his book Earth Surface Processes and Environmental Changes in East Asia in 2015. He was visiting professor at National Taiwan University in 2014 and held a short-term visiting position in the Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Canada, in 2003. He was the chair of the Japanese Committee for the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) (2007-2014), the Science Council of Japan, and is currently the co-chair of the committee (since 2014). Trained in the Department of Geophysics, Kyoto University, he holds a DSc and MSc from the University.

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