Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory (Hardcover)

Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory By Tzuong-Tsieng Moh Cover Image
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In this age of technology where messages are transmitted in sequences of 0's and 1's through space, errors can occur due to noisy channels. Thus, self-correcting code is vital to eradicate these errors when the number of errors is small. It is widely used in industry for a variety of applications including e-mail, telephone, and remote sensing (for example, photographs of Mars).An expert in algebra and algebraic geometry, Tzuong-Tsieng Moh covers many essential aspects of algebraic coding theory in this book, such as elementary algebraic coding theories, the mathematical theory of vector spaces and linear algebras behind them, various rings and associated coding theories, a fast decoding method, useful parts of algebraic geometry and geometric coding theories.This book is accessible to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, coding theorists and algebraic geometers.

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ISBN: 9789811220968
ISBN-10: 9811220964
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: March 21st, 2022
Pages: 200
Language: English