Sedimentary Dynamics of Windfield-Source-Basin System: New Concept for Interpretation and Prediction (Springer Geology) (Hardcover)

Sedimentary Dynamics of Windfield-Source-Basin System: New Concept for Interpretation and Prediction (Springer Geology) By Zaixing Jiang Cover Image
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This book introduces the geological concept of the "windfield-source-basin system," based on integrated modern and ancient sedimentology studies. It identifies wind field as a main sedimentation-controlling factor that combines with provenance and basin dynamics to determine the formation and distribution of depositional systems. Using the unary properties of facies, sedimentary models and the duality properties of source-to-sink approaches, the concept of a "wind-source-basin system" introduces the "sedimentary system trinity" wind field, provenance and basin properties. "Wind-source-basin systems" provide more plausible genetic interpretations of depositional systems (including both continental and marine facies, and clastic and carbonate systems), as well as more comprehensive and precise predictions of depositional systems (hydrocarbon reservoirs) in unknown regions. Further, the book proposes a series of methods on paleowind field reconstruction, which fill the gaps in paleo-atmospheric field studies in paleoclimatology, and shows that allocating relationships among source-reservoir-cap in petroliferous basins are limited by the "wind-source-basin system". This trinity system also provides a new perspective on petroleum geology assessment.

The book appeals to all those engaged in sedimentology, petroleum geology and climatology studies.

About the Author

Zaixing Jiang is a professor of Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology at College of Energy, China University of Geosciences at Beijing (CUGB). He is the chief scientist of the Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sedimentology Innovation Team affiliated to Ministry of Education, and member of the National Energy Policy Advisory Committee. He serves in the editorial boards of Acta Petrolei Sinica (Chinese and English editions), Acta Sedimentologica Sinica, Journal of Palaeogeography (Chinese and English editions), and Petroleum Exploration and Development (Chinese and English editions). He is a member of the Sedimentary Geology Branch in Geological Society of China and the International Association of Sedimentologists, and vice president of the Sedimentology and Paleogeography Branch in Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry. He was elected to talent projects of National Level Ten-thousand Academic Persons, Science and Technology Leaders of China National Petroleum Company, Beijing, China, and was rewarded specific allowance by the State Council. Prof. Jiang raised some new theories in lacustrine sequence stratigraphy and is the founder of Windfield-Source-Basin system dynamics. These theories have successively guided hydrocarbon exploration in China and overseas. He won first and second classes of National Science and Technology Awards for once, respectively, as well as seven province/ministry-level awards. He has published more than 200 journal papers and 5 books, and obtained a dozen of patents and software copyrights.

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Publication Date: March 16th, 2018
Pages: 328
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