How to Deal With Worry and Anxiety (Paperback)

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Use the Power of Your Mind to Outsmart Your Fears, Relieve Your Body of Stress, and Get Rid of Anxiety Forever.

Do you ever feel like your body is out of your control when panic attacks hit, and as if you can't breathe?

Have headaches become your constant companion?

Do you sometimes lay awake at night because you can't stop worrying about your family, friends, or your job?

Because of the hectic world we live in, these issues have become so common that most people don't even register them as problems anymore.

But underestimating stress and anxiety can have terrible consequences.

They attack subtly and viciously and can bring ruin to both your mental and physical health.

They exhaust your body and mind to the point where fighting them becomes incredibly hard.

That's usually the point where people give in and embrace an unbalanced life, full of phobias and unhappiness.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Even if fear and anxiety have taken control over your life, you can fight back and beat them with the most powerful tool in the world: Your mind.

This incredibly complex part of every human is so often underrated, and most people never realize just how much it can impact their life.

With simple mindfulness techniques, you can equip your brain with tools to fight back negative thinking and beat anxiety permanently.

However, mindfulness isn't just about healing your mind--it's about bringing balance to your whole being and transforming the way you approach and perceive life itself.

It simply isn't possible to feel bad or anxious about something once you train your brain to properly deal with all negative emotions and thoughts.

How to Deal With Worry and Anxiety will help you on that journey. Here's what you'll discover:

The common causes of anxiety, its symptoms, and the damaging effects it can have on your wellbeing, yet how you can overcome them

The powerful and proven benefits that mindfulness can have on your physical and mental health

Simple, yet effective breathing exercises for combating panic attacks, stress, and phobias

Different meditation exercises, designed specifically for dealing with anxiety

A detailed guide on how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your daily life, until they become a part of your routine

Tips on how to stay in the present and stop worrying about the things you cannot control (and no, you haven't tried them all )

Simple yoga positions that will relieve your mind of stress and nurture your body, even if you're not a seasoned yogi

And much more.

Practicing mindfulness doesn't require a lot of your time, and you can especially benefit from it even if you have a super busy, hectic schedule.

You don't need expensive counseling therapies, and you certainly don't have to spend 4 hours meditating a day.

With the help of these mindfulness exercises, anyone will be able to find relief from fear and anxiety.

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