The Sociology of Community Connections (Paperback)

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  1. Social Connections


Our Earliest Connections

Transmitting Culture and Beliefs

Environment and Modeling

Generalizing Attachment Experiences

When Social Bonding Fails

Attachments Across the Lifecycle

Community Attachments

Shifting Values, Changing Connections

Purposeful Connections


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Conceptions of Community: Past and Present


European Conceptions of Community

American Conceptions of Community

Contemporary Urban Sociology

Social Movements and Conceptions of Community

Loose Connections: Moving to the Center of the Continuum


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Common Ties: Immigrant, Refugee, and Ethnic Communities


A New Evolving Multi-Ethnic America

Newcomers with Old Connections


The Ethnic Neighborhood and Its Networks

The Health Effects of Immigration


Questions for Discussion;-

4. Mobile Communities: The Tentative Ties of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers


Regional Migration Patterns

Becoming a Sojourner

Migrant Communities: The Colonias

Migrant Camps

La Familia: Survival and Adaptation

Different Migrants, Different Cultures, Different Connections

Positive Connections

The Health of Farmworkers

The Health Care Disconnection

New Connections

The Role of Culture in Health Services Utilization


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Fragmented Ties: The Poor and the Homeless


Who Are the Homeless?

Poverty and Homelessness as Indicators of National Health

Social Connections and Networks: The Urban Poor and Homeless

The Shelter: Temporary Connections

Rural Homelessness

Poverty and Homelessness: Processes of Disconnectedness


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Communities in Crisis: Reconnecting Frayed Social Ties


How Disasters Change Social Ties

Reconnecting Through Collective Coping

Resilience, Social Capital, and Rebuilding

Continuing Disasters

Threats of Disaster


Questions for Discussion;-

7. Communities of Exclusion and Excluded Communities: Barriers to Neighboring


Communities with Walls and Gates

Private Neighborhoods and Tentative Neighboring

Excluded Communities

Social Inclusion


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Connecting Seniors: Social Networks of Value


Connectedness and Aging

Attitudes Toward Aging in Different Cultures

Aging: Different Degrees of Connectedness

Aging, Disconnections, and Modernization

Longevity and a Healthy Lifestyle

Aging and Networking

Livable Communities for Seniors


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Connections of Faith: Religion as Community


Changing Connections

The Religious Community in Transition

The Growth and Civic Engagement of Non-Christian Immigrants

Religious/Spiritual Connections

Religion, Spirituality, and Health

Religious Groups, Spiritual Capital, and Forgiveness

Religious Communities and Health

Religion and Disease Prevention

Faith-Based Communities and Organizations


Questions for Discussion;-

  1. Vital Bonds: Social Support, Social Networks, and Health


Understanding Social Support

Social Support Shaped by Culture

Social Support a.

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