Restoration of Lakes, Streams, Floodplains, and Bogs in Europe: Principles and Case Studies (Wetlands: Ecology #3) (Paperback)

Restoration of Lakes, Streams, Floodplains, and Bogs in Europe: Principles and Case Studies (Wetlands: Ecology #3) By Martina Eiseltová (Editor) Cover Image
By Martina Eiseltová (Editor)
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Preface.- Acknowledgements.- 1. Criteria for sustainable restoration of the landscape; W. Ripl, Martina Eiseltov .- 2. The evolution of lakes and wetlands; S. Bj rk.- 3. Development of aquatic macrophytes in shallow lakes and ponds; J. Pokorn , S. Bj rk.- 4. Food web and trophic interaction and development; J. Hrb ?ek.- 5. Principles, planning and accomplishment of lake restoration projects; S. Bj rk.- 6. Restoration of eutrophic lakes by sediment treatment; W. Ripl.- 7. Restoration of eutrophic lakes by phosphorus precipitation, with a case study on Lake Gross-Glienicker; K.-D. Wolter.- 8. Restoration of lakes through sediment removal, with case studies from Lakes Trummen, Sweden and Vajgar, Czech Republic; S. Bj rk et al.- 9. Treatment of overgrown shallow lakes through macrophyte control: the case study of Lake Hornborga, Sweden; S. Bj rk.- 10. The stream and beyond - reinstating natural functions in streams and their floodplains; B.L. Madsen.- 11. Floodplain restoration of large European rivers, with examples from the Rhine and the Danube; E. Schneider.- 12. Restoration of streams in the agricultural landscape; L.B.-M. Vought, J.O. Lacoursi re.- 13. Effects of drain blocking on the acrotelm of two raised bogs in the Irish Midlands: a quantitative assessment; S. van der Schaaf et al.- 14. Self-recovery of cut-over bogs: summary from case studies; E. Lode et al.- 15. Restoration of raised bogs: mechanisms and case studies from the Netherlands; H.B. M. Tomassen et al.- 16. Restoration of drained mires in the Sumava National Park, Czech Republic; I. Bufkov et al.- 17. Local and global impacts of mire drainage - an impetus for hydrology restoration: Yelnia mire, Belarus; A. Kozulin et al.- Index.-

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