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A comprehensive and effective programme must consider all of the possible sectors in which the student's skills and competence can develop, which fall into two main categories: musicianship and instrumental skills. The Music Method Project (MusMP) comprises the Percussion Method Project (PercMP), related to the development of instrumental skills, and the Musicianship Method Project (MMP), related to musicianship development.

Snare Drum Development (SDD) and Drumset Development (DD) are, throughout the PercMP Development Areas, the main framework around which all other Development Areas orbit; these areas have been conceived to help percussion and drum teachers achieve a profound view of their student's improvements while guiding them throughout the higher levels of drum playing.

SDD consists of short pieces that the student will have to prepare in a very short time term (VST as in the MusMP conceived Time Terms), usually for the following lesson.
The general complexity expressed at each level of SDD does not have to be comparable to the difficulty of other areas simultaneously studied, especially if related to repertoire. Indeed, the student may find him/herself studying a repertoire piece that is much more difficult than is expressed by the level required in SDD: this would be perfectly appropriate while the contrary would surely be unfitting. The time term of SDD is classified as VST while a repertoire piece may be classified from MT to VLT; therefore, the latter can be more complex.

There is no strict way for using this book, which can be adopted according to various purposes. Nevertheless, its mayn purpose is that to be part of the Snare Drum Development (SDD) within the Percussion Method Project (PercMP).

The introduction comprises directions for using this book, a description of all rhythmic patterns and time signatures found in the pieces.
More specific direction for the teacher, related to a methodological approach to the pieces are also included; topics taken into consideration are:

  • Note Reading, R & L Indications, Rudiments and Grip
  • Styles
  • Metronome
  • Improvising Chamber Music
  • Moving to a New Piece
  • Monitoring

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