Volcanoes For kids: Educational science book for learning about volcanoes (Hardcover)

Volcanoes For kids: Educational science book for learning about volcanoes By Samuel John Cover Image
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Is your son/daughter always curious about volcanoes and other related earth movements and you wish to help him/her learn more in a fun and exciting child-friendly way that will make them grasp all the important stuff about volcanoes?

And are you looking for a guide that will make the whole learning experience memorable and exciting - in a way that ensures they want to keep learning?

If you've answered YES,

Let this book help your son/daughter understand volcanoes seamlessly, like the back of their hand

Volcanoes can be a bit boring to understand when you read about them from boring text. That's why most people struggle to remember the different terms used to describe different components of volcanic activity.

This book seeks to ensure your child doesn't struggle to understand volcanoes, with page after page of perfect illustrations depicting everything you need to know about volcanoes.

I know you might be wondering...

Is this book made for a specific age group?

Not really If your child loves volcanoes or wants to learn about them at any age, this book is for them.

Stuff to do with magma and molten rocks can be hard to understand. Just how kid-friendly is the book?

Don't worry; there's no complex stuff here. We keep it light and the book only includes the essential, basic facts about volcanoes. You can also learn a thing or two from the book

Indeed, this is a perfect child/beginner friendly book about volcanoes that will leave them feeling confident about their knowledge of volcanoes without having to understand complex concepts

More precisely, this book features:
  • Basic facts about volcanoes and accompanying illustrations
  • The whole book is written in an easy to understand and engaging tone
  • The book is colorful and each page has a unique illustration that further explains volcanoes
  • The book starts from the basics and works its way to the more complicated stuff (not too complicated, I promise)
  • And so much more

So even if your child really struggles to understand volcanoes or they actually don't even know they exist, by the end of this book, they will be able to tell you what volcanoes are and how exactly they work

No, really, make sure you ask them after they are done and watch the magic unfold

Product Details
ISBN: 9788412677621
ISBN-10: 8412677625
Publisher: Samuel John Books
Publication Date: February 12th, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English