The 1920s Fashion 03 22 Poster: Fashion Design Roaring 20s Fashion Framable Pictures Images (c) (Paperback)

The 1920s Fashion 03 22 Poster: Fashion Design Roaring 20s Fashion Framable Pictures Images (c) By Images &. Art Atelier-Kalai-Media (Created by) Cover Image
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  • Execution: Posterbook Paperback, 22 Art Prints A4, color printed on 70lb white paper --
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  • Collection: Fashion Design --
  • Series title: The 1920s Fashion 03 --
  • Content: Framable Pictures Images 22 Poster Roaring 20s Fashion Fashion Design --
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PADP offers Phantastic Art & Design Posters as a source of ideas for your own art projects. PADP's extensive art archive includes collections of historical images, prints & motif templates dating 15th - 20th century. Many of those images and drawings are comparable to master illustrations in today's media design. Sourcing from this pool the current poster set was created. The originals can usually only be admired in a variety of scattered sources or in the libraries of private collectors.

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The 22 art prints reflect diverse approaches to design, art & illustration. Art ideas and abstract paths become comprehensible through original work samples, which offer new visual approaches for art classes, graphics or DIY projects. Whether picture or sketch, the pattern icons of art are still breathtaking in illustration & design.

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Unmodified resale, licensing, duplication, reproduction or distribution of the posters by any other graphic service, as a book, electronically or in any other design resource, is prohibited.

You may, however, modify image sections, ideas and motifs and incorporate them into commercial graphic projects free of charge and without special permission if this results in a new independent work. Private use according to 53 UrhG is free. --

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Product Details
ISBN: 9783987840043
ISBN-10: 3987840048
Publisher: Atelier.Kalai.Media
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English