Maqamat Al-Nasr Fi Manaqib Imam Al-'Asr (Hardcover)

Maqamat Al-Nasr Fi Manaqib Imam Al-'Asr By Muhammad B. Ahmad Al-Zamlakani, Yehoshua Frenkel (Editor) Cover Image
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A unique Mamluk manuscript tells the story of a Damascene jurist. Ibn al-Zamlakani's story revolves around a dramatic episode in the life of his master, the great judge Taj al-Din al-Subki, who is the central figure (hero) of the tale. The composer justly names his document maqamah. In rhyming prose, it narrates several episodes. Transmitted by a narrator (or at least his voice), who distance himself from the event, it is a story about an escape from hardship of a hero who is supported by good characters and face some evil enemies. Yet, it is not a biography, but a dramatic plot that transmits a moral lesson. The maqamah illuminates the relations between the Mamluk ruling military aristocracy and the religious establishment, as well as the competition that divided the Damascene urban elite.

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ISBN: 9783847114574
ISBN-10: 3847114573
Publisher: V&R Unipress
Publication Date: November 14th, 2022
Language: English