Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces: Characterization, Modification and Applications (Paperback)

Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces: Characterization, Modification and Applications Cover Image
By Manfred Stamm (Editor)
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M. Stamm: Polymer Surface and Interface Characterization Techniques.- P. M ller-Buschbaum: Structure Determination in Thin Film Geometry Using Grazing Incidence Small-Angle Scattering.- M. M ller: Vibrational Spectroscopic and Optical Methods.- D. Pleul and F. Simon: X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy.- D. Pleul and F. Simon: Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.- K. Grundke: Characterization of Polymer Surfaces by Wetting and Electrokinetic Measurements - Contact Angle, Interfacial Tension, Zeta Potential.- K. Schneider: Mechanical Properties of Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces.- P. Busch and R. Weidisch: Interfaces Between Incompatible Polymers.- M. M ller: Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Vapor Interfaces in Polymeric Systems.- M. Nitschke: Plasma Modification of Polymer Surfaces and Plasma Polymerization.- S. Minko: Grafting on Solid Surfaces: "Grafting to" and "Grafting from" Methods.- C. Bellmann: Surface Modification by Adsorption of Polymers and Surfactants.- A. Sydorenko: Nanostructures in Thin Films from Nanostructured Polymeric Templates: Self-Assembly.- D. Pospiech: Influencing the Interface in Polymer Blends by Compatibilization with Block Copolymers.- C. Werner: Interfacial Phenomena of Biomaterials.-

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ISBN: 9783642093111
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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: October 19th, 2010
Pages: 324
Language: English