Jesus Christ Book for Kids: The life of the Saviour of the world for children, colored pages. (Large Print / Paperback)

Jesus Christ Book for Kids: The life of the Saviour of the world for children, colored pages. By Verity Books Cover Image
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Welcome to the life Jesus Christ. A captivating journey that unfolds the life and teachings of an extraordinary figure in human history. In these pages, we invite young readers to explore the timeless stories of Jesus Christ, stories that transcend centuries and continue to inspire countless hearts.

Through accessible narratives and engaging illustrations, this book brings to life the compassionate deeds, wise teachings, and remarkable moments that define Jesus' impactful legacy. Designed for young minds, each chapter offers a glimpse into the gentle shepherd's life, providing valuable lessons of love, kindness, and understanding.

As we navigate the narratives, children will discover the enduring principles that have shaped cultures and communities around the world. 'Jesus Christ Book for Kids' is more than a book; it's an educational and inspiring resource crafted to resonate with the curiosity and budding spirituality of our young readers. Join us on this exploration of faith, compassion, and the enduring relevance of a figure whose teachings continue to light the path of millions.


  • Top notch-colored pages with vibrant illustrations and elements.
  • Large fonts for easy reading and comprehension.
  • Great story telling with guild from the Holy Bible.
  • Perfect for young lovers of Jesus.
  • Also suitable for young teens.
  • Great gift for children.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9783580361372
ISBN-10: 3580361376
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Verity Books
Publication Date: February 11th, 2024
Pages: 78
Language: English