Transdisciplinary Teaching in Inclusive Schools: Promoting Transdisciplinary Education for Learners with Special Needs (Hardcover)

Transdisciplinary Teaching in Inclusive Schools: Promoting Transdisciplinary Education for Learners with Special Needs By Heidi Flavian Cover Image
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This book offers opportunities for better understanding teachers' unique challenges when planning teaching sessions for learners with special needs, based on the transdisciplinary approach. The work also presents some of the core learning strategies teachers may incorporate into their teaching processes in order to promote transdisciplinary learning among learners with special needs.

From a theoretical perspective, this book discusses a variety of advantages and disadvantages transdisciplinary educators may encounter, and promotes educators' development of their own vision of this area. Although the concept of special needs is often over-generalized, this book relates to the most common types of special needs among learners who study in inclusive schools: learners from different cultural background, learners with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disability (ADHD), learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and learners with sensory or motor challenges. A special chapter is dedicatedto each of those groups in order to closely examine how teachers can teach those learners according to the transdisciplinary approach in practice, in inclusive classrooms. While each chapter presents different perspectives of learners with special needs, the book's summary integrates them all and highlights the commonalities between the various needs.

About the Author

Dr. Heidi Flavian is a senior lecturer, researcher and Head of the Special Education department at Achva Academic College in Israel. She has also served a senior lecturer in the International Team of the Feuerstein Institute since 2002. Recently, her books Mediation and Thinking Development in Schools (2019), and the one she edited From Pedagogy to Quality Assurance in Education (2020) were published. She is also an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Quality Assurance in Education, after serving as a Guest Editor for the Journal in 2018. In addition, she is a reviewer for several other academic journals. Her main areas of research are new methods in teacher training, mediation, inclusion of people with special needs, students' thinking processes, and teaching students with special needs.

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