The Post-Pandemic World: Sustainable Living on a Wounded Planet (Paperback)

The Post-Pandemic World: Sustainable Living on a Wounded Planet By John Erik Meyer Cover Image
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The Covid-19 pandemic is a repeating biophysical shock yet one for which our current socio-economic structure was not prepared. Climate change, scarcity, depletion of natural resources, and the inevitable transition to renewable energy are one time events. Taken together, they present an existential threat to human society. This book is a guide to navigating these megatrends, which confront us now but whose consequences will unfold over decades.

By presenting clear options on the path to a renewable energy future, this book gives readers a broad perspective as well as detailed, well-illustrated examples to weigh in making decisions which will secure stability and prosperity for their families, their communities and their nations.

About the Author

John Erik Meyer has been studying the issues of per capita resources, social equality and leadership since high school. A BA in Economics and years of working with physical units and dollar accounting and costing systems brought the different abilities of these measurement processes into sharp relief. He is a patent holder and has had a number of articles published in Canada's major newspapers dealing with a range of topics from population, immigration and the environment to the failings of GDP based metrics for social policy formation. He has also presented a paper on Energy Currency at a conference of that name in Split, Croatia. He maintains a site, which focuses on the concept of energy based currency as the perfect currency. Mr. Meyer is currently President of the NGO "Canadians for a Sustainable Society" and owner and designer at a small medium tech manufacturing company. He has developed custom solar electric and heating systems as well as electric bikes and has designed and built a house which he expects to be (eventually) energy positive. His primary interests are the changes necessary to achieve a sustainable society, population cycles, biophysical economics and the reasons for failed human social structures throughout history. .

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ISBN: 9783030917845
ISBN-10: 3030917843
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: March 16th, 2023
Pages: 418
Language: English