Rationality of Varieties (Progress in Mathematics #342) (Hardcover)

Rationality of Varieties (Progress in Mathematics #342) By Gavril Farkas (Editor), Gerard Van Der Geer (Editor), Mingmin Shen (Editor) Cover Image
By Gavril Farkas (Editor), Gerard Van Der Geer (Editor), Mingmin Shen (Editor)
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Rationality of Fano threefolds of degree 18 over nonclosed fields.- A categorical invariant for geometrically rational surfaces with a conic bundle structure.- Vanishing cycles under base change and the integral Hodge conjecture.- Explicit rationality of some Fano fourfolds.- Unirationality of certain universal families of cubic fourfolds.- Rational curves and MBM classes on hyperk hler manifolds: a survey.- Marked and labelled Gushel-Mukai fourfolds.- The Igusa quartic and the Prym map. (I) Some Rationality results.- Rationality of Mukai varieties over non-closed fields.- A refinement of the motivic volume, and specialization of birational types.- On the image of the second ell-adic Bloch map.- Supersingular irreducible symplectic varieties.- On the geometry of Fano threefold hypersurfaces.- Symbols and equivariant birational geometry in small dimensions.

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ISBN: 9783030754204
ISBN-10: 3030754200
Publisher: Birkhauser
Publication Date: October 20th, 2021
Pages: 433
Language: English
Series: Progress in Mathematics