Physics of Dusty Plasmas: An Introduction (Lecture Notes in Physics #962) (Paperback)

Physics of Dusty Plasmas: An Introduction (Lecture Notes in Physics #962) By André Melzer Cover Image
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Colloidal plasmas - a still emerging field of plasma physics - enable the study of basic plasma properties on a microscopic kinetic level and allow the visualization of collective plasma phenomena, like oscillations and waves. Moreover, a vast number of novel phenomena are found in these systems, ranging from Coulomb crystallization to new types of forces and waves.

Last but not least, they shed a new light on various traditional aspects of plasma physics such as shielding or the mechanism of acoustic waves in plasmas, thus providing new insight into the basic foundations of plasma physics.These course-based and self-contained lecture notes provide a general introduction to this active and growing field to students and nonspecialists, requiring only basic prior knowledge in plasma physics.

About the Author

Andre Melzer obtained his PhD in plasma physics from Kiel university in 1997 and habilitated in 2002. Since 2003, he leads a group on colloidal (dusty) plasmas at the University Greifswald. His work mainly involves experimental investigations of dusty plasmas in the laboratory and under the microgravity conditions of parabolic flights. Also the study of dust systems under strong magnetic fields and the development of novel diagnostics for dusty plasmas have been in the focus of his work. He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles in international journals and several book chapters.

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