Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice: Volume 1: Arts-Based Methods (Palgrave Studies in Business) (Paperback)

Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice: Volume 1: Arts-Based Methods (Palgrave Studies in Business) By Elena P. Antonacopoulou (Editor), Steven S. Taylor (Editor) Cover Image
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Chapter 1 Sensuous Learning through Arts-Based Methods: An Introduction

Steven S. Taylor and Elena P. Antonacopoulou

Chapter 2 Sensuous Learning: What it is and why it Matters in Addressing the Ineptitude in Professional Practice

Elena P. Antonacopoulou

Chapter 3 Using Music to Activate and Develop Leader Character

Mary Crossan, Cassandra Ellis, Corey Crossan

Chapter 4 Using Choir Conducting to Improve Leadership Practice

Niina Koivunen and Tamar Parush

Chapter 5 Using Choral Singing to Improve Employee Wellbeing and Social Cohesion in the Norwegian Public Sector

Fay Gi ver

Chapter 6 Using Body Sounds as a Coaching tool to Promote Individual Growth in Brazil

Frode Heldal, Isabella Sacramento, Ricardo Cariello de Almeida

Chapter 7 Using Arts-based Inquiry as a Way to Communicate Creatively in Uncovering the Future

Cecilie Meltzer

Chapter 8 Using Epic Poems and Creative Drama to Develop Realistic Optimism among Undergraduate Students in Greece

Irene Nikandrou e

Chapter 9 Using "The Staged Cocktail Party" to Improve Leaders' Social Interaction in the Norwegian Military

Kristian Firing, K re Inge Skarsv g and Tatiana Chemi

Chapter 10 Learning from Arts: Using Abstract Painting to Discover New Understandings and Approaches that are Relevant for Both Personal Development and Consulting Practice

Pleuntje van Meer

Chapter 11 Using Art-Based Methods to Explore Learning in an Individual with Systemizing Bias

Andrew Mountfield

Chapter 12 Learnings about Learning with Arts-Based Methods

Jyoti Bachani, Steve Taylor, & Elena Antonacopoulou

About the Author

Steven S. Taylor is Professor of Leadership and Creativity at the Foisie School of Business, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA. His research is focused in two areas: organizational aesthetics and reflective practice. The former applies art-based scholarship and practice to management and organizations. The latter focuses on the ability to analyse our own actions and learn how to be more effective, ethical, and artful as managers and leaders. Elena P. Antonacopoulou is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Management School at the University of Liverpool, UK, where she leads GNOSIS - a research initiative advancing impactful collaborative research in management and organization studies. Her principal research expertise lies in the areas of organisational change and learning and knowledge management, with a focus on the leadership implications. Her research continues to advance cutting edge ideas and thought leadership, as well as new methodologies for studying social complexity.

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