Tha Power of Pardoning in India (Paperback)

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By Elio E
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In the annals of executive authority exists a power known as the

clemency power. This power has been bestowed in the highest

oAces of many di7erent governments. 2rticle CP of the, onstitution

of India gives the -resident the right to grant pardons1 and 2rti6

cle GBG of the, onstitution gives the "overnor the same authority.

Woth of these provisions may be found in the same section of the

, onstitution. The idea of clemency has undergone a transformation

throughout the course of history1 shifting from being a device for

gaining political advantage used by monarchs and rulers to being a

symbol of mercy and fairness in modern times.2 jpardonj can also

be referred to as jclemency1j jamnestics1j jgrace1j or mercy1 and it

has been an essential component of executive powers in a number

of di7erent cultures. Ohen it comes to the administration of Hustice

in India1 the role of the Hudiciary is complemented by the clemency

power that is placed upon the -resident and the "overnor

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