Wisdom in Exile: Buddhism and Modern Times (Paperback)

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Wisdom in Exile provides a new insight into Buddhism's encounter with Western culture and the Western mind in the early 21st century. Jampa Thaye has trained for over 40 years with some of the foremost lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, yet is a Westerner, living in Britain, teaching Buddhism to students throughout Europe and North America. He draws on that knowledge and experience to explain the space that now exists for Buddhism in the West, and identifies critical conflicts and tensions that must be resolved for modern Westerners to grasp the essence of the Buddhist teachings.

The book culminates with detailed instructions in the meditation system of 'The Four Immeasurables', allowing the reader to properly orientate themselves within the world of Buddhism and learn how to practice.

"Wisdom in Exile proposes a fresh approach to Buddhism, one in which the fundamental tenets of the Buddha's teachings are rediscovered." His Holiness Sakya Trichen, 41st Head of the Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism

About the Author

Lama Jampa Thaye is a scholar and meditation master trained in the Sakya and Karma Kagyu traditions of Buddhism. He is authorized as a lama by his two main teachers, Karma Thinley Rinpoche and His Holiness Sakya Trizin, and has been training students in all aspects of the Buddhist path since 1988.

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ISBN: 9782360170210
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Publisher: Rabsel Publications
Publication Date: March 6th, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English