The Complete Book of Cheese: History, Techniques, Recipes, Tips (Hardcover)

The Complete Book of Cheese: History, Techniques, Recipes, Tips By Anne-Laure Pham, Mathieu Plantive Cover Image
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This essential reference covers all aspects of the four cheese styles—including 150 varieties; how to select, serve, savor, and store them; and forty-six recipes from around the world.

This comprehensive book provides a complete overview of cheese so readers can recognize the properties of each family: their history, ingredients, production and aging processes, seasonality, flavor profiles, and pairing affinities. Expert tips for choosing which cheese to buy, how to serve and store it, and the best ways to appreciate its nuances give readers the confidence to:

  • Understand the steps in the production process
  • Identify four types, 24 families, and 150 varieties of cheese
  • Pair cheese expertly with different foods and drinks
  • Create perfectly balanced cheese boards
  • Serve 46 homemade recipes

The four cheese types include fresh (cream cheese, burrata, Halloumi, gjetost), soft (goat, Brie, Époisses, Roquefort), firm (Morbier, Gouda, Cantal, cheddar), and hard (Gruyere, Emmentaler, pecorino, provola). Suggested pairings include feta roasted in fig leaves with peppercorns and preserved lemons; Munster with a Tripel pale ale, dessert wine, or gin; Stilton with black cherry jam, mango juice, or on pizza; and Grana in pesto or with sparkling or red wine according to the age. Once familiar with the varieties, put your favorite cheese to use in savory or sweet recipes, from Quesadillas to Parmesan Soufflé, Frittata à la Scamorza to Tartiflette, Linguine Carbonara to Khachapuri, or Cheesecake to Ricotta Pancakes. A glossary, selected bibliography, and indexes to the cheese varieties and the recipes complete the book.

About the Author

Anne-Laure Pham is a culinary journalist, columnist, and author. Mathieu Plantive is a cheesemonger in France.

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Publication Date: October 1st, 2024
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