Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone With An Addiction (Paperback)

Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone With An Addiction By Andrea D. Seydel Cover Image
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"Don't let someone else problem destroy the person you were meant to be. You have the right to live a peaceful and fulfilled life full of love In the book Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction, Andrea Seydel uses the scientific study of human flourishing and happiness to help you restore joy and teaches the reader how to struggle well through the challenges of addiction. You will learn the power of advocating for yourself and how your journey starts by taking back your power and shifting the focus onto you, not your addicted loved one. Seydel brings a wealth of support, lived experience, and her knowledge of positive psychology to help you prioritize your well-being and safeguard your mental health." -Louisa Jewell MAPP

Do you love someone with an addiction? Are you struggling?

There is no mistaking it; addiction is a worldwide epidemic. People who struggle with addiction are not the only ones who feel the impact. If you know someone caught in the grips of addiction, you are undoubtedly living your own nightmare. You are probably desperate to find answers, scrambling to figure out what to do next and losing yourself in the process. Feeling hurt, broken and exhausted.
Watching someone in active addiction is like mourning the loss of someone still alive. It is incredibly sad, confusing, and draining. The effects of addiction are rarely limited to the person with the addiction. Everyone around is affected in some way, and often it is family members or partners forced to pick up the broken pieces, make excuses, and potentially endure all types of abuse. The second-hand impact and havoc of addiction are often overlooked and underestimated.

Are you done with coming second to addiction? Are you trapped in the line of fire and tired of being on an emotional rollercoaster? Or have you lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to someone else?

On the surface, Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction is about navigating the path to freedom and a lifetime of healing, resilience, and happiness. But if you dig deeper, it is about creating a life you love, seeing your value, knowing your worth and being inspired to live a life that is better integrated with the person you are meant to be.
As a leading voice advancing the science of applied Positive Psychology and the art of well-being, Andrea Seydel is devoted to sharing the science of resilience and ways to enhance your life even through struggle. Trauma and challenges are a fact of life; navigating the turmoil of loving someone with an addiction can be extremely damaging; Seydel teaches the reader how to struggle well and build resilience. Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction offers new hope for reclaiming your life. Seydel provides insights and learning opportunities for self-healing, recovery, and resilience that foster empowerment.
When you know it's time and are ready to prioritize your well-being and safeguard mental health despite someone else's addiction, Andrea Seydel's book, podcast, and community will support you on the journey back to you. Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction is a helpful community to provide light to a dark path, so you don't feel alone through this challenge. You don't have to do this alone. Let's get started on the journey back to you.
"An astonishing amount of information on almost every aspect of resilience. When faced with the experience of trauma, manipulation, codependency, and toxic relationships, using research, interventions and the science of well-being, the reader can better advocate for their needs and reclaim their lives. It's incredible the wealth of knowledge the author has brought together in this book, which has a distinctly holistic and compassionate feel." -Rob Hannely Recovery Today magazine.

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ISBN: 9781999140939
ISBN-10: 1999140931
Publisher: Live Life Happy Publishing
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2021
Pages: 338
Language: English