Sex Positions: The Complete Guide to An Incredible Sex Life with Climax Enhancing Sex Positions Including Kamasutra and Tantric Sex T (Paperback)

Sex Positions: The Complete Guide to An Incredible Sex Life with Climax Enhancing Sex Positions Including Kamasutra and Tantric Sex T By Kelly Anderson Cover Image
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Discover EXACTLY How to Become a Sex GOD and Fulfil All of Your Partners (and Yours) Wildest Dreams

If you're sick of the EXACT same sex routine (if you even bother with the boring sex anymore) that involves the EXACT same positions in the EXACT same order then you're in the right place.

How about instead of having repetitive boring sex, you discover the world of Passion, Excitement, Variety and Screaming Orgasms in your Sex Life, doesn't that sound a LOT more appealing?

Say goodbye to the 'I'm too tired' or 'I'm just not feeling it tonight' excuses from your partner (Or from yourself ), and hello to the Passionate Sex and Screaming Orgasms that you desire, all while making your partner BEG for more everytime

That Incredible and Mind Blowing Sex is life waiting to be made a reality in your life, it's about time you made that dream a reality.

Here's just a slither of what you'll discover inside...

  • 100+ Climax Enhancing Sex and Oral Sex Positions (For the men out there there's more than just 1 type of Orgasm Women can have )
  • The Ancient Teachings of the Kamasutra and how they can Revolutionize Your Sex Life (Starting TONIGHT )
  • MUST KNOW Tips to Maximise The Pleasure From EVERY Position In The Book
  • How You Can Become a Literal Sex God and Have Your Partner BEGGING You For More Every Single Night
  • 43+ G-Spot Stimulating Sex Positions
  • 11 Startling Tips to Take Your Sex Life to a Level You Never Believed Possible
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Having Mind Blowing Orgasms EVERYTIME You Have Sex (Even if You've Never Given/Received One Before...)
  • 5 Tantric Secrets to Deepening Your Connection and Intimacy With Your Partner
  • The Secrets to Fulfilling ALL of You and Your Partners Sexual Desires (No More Unfulfilled Nights )
  • The Essential Foreplay Guide and Techniques to Prepare You for The Best Sex of Your Life
  • 100+ Climax Enhancing Kamasutra Sex Positions You NEED In Your Sex Life
  • The Complete Guide to Clitoral Stimulation Using The Incredible Kamasutra Techniques (Women You're Going to Love This....And Men You Need to Learn This )
  • Why More People Are Having 'Sexless Years' Than Ever Before
  • BONUS- 25 Climax Enhancing Sex Positions to Spice up your Love Life (Including 10 Tips to re ignite the passion into your Relationship )
  • A Must Read Guide to The Tantric Sex Teachings and Techniques You Need to Master Your Relationship
  • Why a Satisfied Sex Life Leads to a Happier Relationship...
  • Exactly How to Make Your Partner Scream The House Down and Want You MORE Than They Ever Have Before (And Add That Passion Back That You Are Craving....)

And SO Much More

Even if you and your partner haven's had sex in years, even if when you do have sex it is mind numbingly boring and even if you can't remember the last time your Sex involved passion, this book will outline exactly how to create the Sex life you've ALWAYS wanted

It's about time you got those mind blowing orgasms you deserve.

So, if you want to become a Sex God and leave your partner begging for WHILE ending up more satisfied than ever scroll up and click "Add to Cart."

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ISBN: 9781989638644
ISBN-10: 1989638643
Publisher: Aude Publishing
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2019
Pages: 344
Language: English