Overcoming Betrayal: The Breakthrough Therapeutic Approach - A Couple's Guide to Healing from Both Perspectives (Hardcover)

Overcoming Betrayal: The Breakthrough Therapeutic Approach - A Couple's Guide to Healing from Both Perspectives By Rebecca Rosenblat Cover Image
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About the Author of Overcoming Betrayal:

Rebecca Rosenblat, Registered Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Certified Sex Addiction & Trauma Counselor, and Sex Therapist, is a critically acclaimed relationship & sexuality expert. Rebecca has reached millions as the host of TV and radio shows and as the author of seven books and hundreds of advice columns and articles. She's also a clinical associate and private practitioner helping individuals and couples to heal and grow.

"When a betrayal rocks a relationship - be it due to an affair or sex addiction - the couple needs to work together to get through it. But feeling hurt, upset, and afraid dissuades both parties from being exposed and vulnerable to each other - the very ingredients that are critical to healing. This book is intended to bring both parties together, by understanding each other's mindset, feeling each other's pain, and finding the answers that couples look for when their world has been blown apart."

- Rebecca Rosenblat, psychotherapist, relationship-sexuality therapist, best-selling author and TV host.

"I appreciated Rebecca's openness to discuss infidelity from both perspectives. I believe she's the first to walk through the process holding both realities together, while doing an amazing job informing couples of issues to address, as well as giving them a roadmap to address these issues. Anyone who has experienced infidelity would do well to read Overcoming Betrayal."

Dr. Douglas Weiss, President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT)

With Overcoming Betrayal, Rebecca provides a look at infidelity in a committed relationship, examining both sides with intelligence and compassion... a recipe for healing and rebuilding relationship trust."

Robert Weiss, Author of Sex Addiction 101.

"Rebecca captures the true essence of infidelity from both sides. She unfolds the personal stories of pain, sadness, grief, healing-rebuilding. This book is a gift to all couples working through infidelity."

Debbie Allen, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

..." a bridge of peace and hope. An intelligent read for therapists and a must-read for couples who find themselves in this situation."

- Mark Laing, Psychotherapist

..." opened up my world to becoming a better person... My partner now has a book that answers her questions."

- WS, In recovery

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