Mastering Multi-Band Compression: 17 step by step multiband compression techniques for getting flawless mixes (Paperback)

Mastering Multi-Band Compression: 17 step by step multiband compression techniques for getting flawless mixes By Nathan Nyquist Cover Image
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Learn The Simple, Step-by-Step Way to Use Multiband Compression Just Like a Pro Let me ask you this: - Do you find yourself getting frustrated trying to get MBC (multiband compression) to give your mixes that professional sound you're after?- Do you find yourself unsure of which problems MBC is actually designed to fix?- Do you ever wonder why you can't get that professional, radio-worthy sound you keep hearing from your favorite artists?- Have you gotten lost or confused tweaking compression parameters only to end up with a something worse than when you started?- Do you find it difficult to identify which frequency ranges are best to multiband compress for a flawless result?- Do you avoid using MBC because it feels overwhelming?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book will help you If you want to get professional, radio-worthy mixes and you know multiband compression is essential for this, then pickup your copy of "Mastering Multi-Band Compression" now.By purchasing this book you'll avoid the overwhelming technical details of other audio engineering manuals and learn how pros ACTUALLY use multiband compressors HINT It has very little do with the theory. Driving a car is very different from knowing how it's put together. Most audio engineering books waste time telling you how the car is put together instead of how to drive it.Here's What You'll Learn Inside: - Learn how to use MBC as a de-esser, transient shaper, tone shaper, vocal shaper, woofiness reducer and for mastering.- Learn the only 2 ways we need to use multiband compression to achieve vibrant, professional mixes.- Learn 4-Zone Mix Theory where we divide a mix into 4 major frequency zones. From here we can identify which frequency ranges to treat with MBC.- Learn how a multiband compressor and an EQ are practically the same thing with just one major difference - Learn the pitfalls of perfectionism and the way it's preventing you from becoming a better mixer. - Learn 17 step-by-step techniques for getting punchy, clear and powerful mixes with MBC.- Learn what types of instruments/sounds won't benefit from multiband compression.This Book Is Organized as Follows:1. Each chapter focuses on a core concept essential to your mastery of multi-band compression. This makes learning easy 2. The chapters build off each other so that when you reach the step-by-step techniques portion of the book you'll have a strong foundation for real learning.3. In the final part of the book, the techniques section will give you step by step instructions to try out in the studio. This is where you'll connect the dots and get some real 'Aha' moments It's the most effective way to learn as proven study after study.It is true that many of the best mixes out there use MBC and so it's important for us to master. Imagine how much frustration and headache will disappear when you've mastered MBC. How amazing will your mixes sound with this powerful tool finally in your control? Mastering Multi-Band Compression is for you if you're tired of the trial and error process and just want some simple step-by-step tricks and solutions to problems every engineer runs into.Add Mastering Multi-Band Compression to Your Cart Now and Start Creating Powerful, Radio-ready Mixes Today.

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ISBN: 9781982917128
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 16th, 2018
Pages: 150
Language: English