Air Fryer Cookbook Chicken and Potato, Irresistible Recipes for Your Air Fryer (Paperback)

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Chicken and Potato
We all wish for healthy foods; however, we just don't want to compromise on the taste, texture & flavor of our favorite ones. That's the reason why Air fryer device was created. An air fryer cooks by circulating hot air around the food & is considered to be one of the finest kitchen appliances in the world today. Air Fryer has a unique Rapid Air Technology which helps in baking, roasting, grilling & frying. The best part about the Air fryer device is that it requires little to no oil; thus, making it a perfect solution for quick, well-balanced & healthy snacks and meals for you and your loved ones.You can cook the food in the chunky tray of your Air Fryer and can easily remove it when not in use. It just looks like a largely sized rice cooker. Compared to traditional fryers, air fryers brands save up to 80% of the cooking oil. You can use your Air fryer device which cooks without any oil & can reduce the amount of fat in the fried foods. A mechanical fan present inside the Airfryer helps in circulating the hot air (up to 392 F or 200 Celsius) around the food at a very high speed, produce a crispy layer & cook the food via the Maillard effect.
Especially for this book, there are two main ingredients that are used. The two ingredients are said to be the main ingredients for fast food or junk food recipes. Chicken and potatoes are so famous for they are basic materials offered in many chain restaurants, food trucks, and street food cafes. Chicken has become a staple food for many people. Besides it is easy to grab at a reasonable price, chicken also contains protein, fats, selenium, and vitamins. It can be said that chicken is the source of essential nutrients for the body. Along with chicken, the potato is also acceptable because it is able to improve the digestive system, reduce the risk of having high cholesterol level, help managing diabetes, prevent having cancer, and many more health benefits. This book provides tons of recipes that are cooked using an Air Fryer. There are many choices of chicken and potatoes recipes in this book. You will not get bored eating only the two main materials for days or even weeks since there are some variations that you can try in your home kitchen. Try the famous Crispy Chicken Steak with Potato Chips, Stuffed Chicken Potato, Chicken and Potato in Blanket, Honey Chicken Potato with Lemon, Cheesy Chicken Potato Bombs, and many other recipes easily. Taste the authentic fast food restaurant's menu at home.

So, after purchasing this book, you will no longer need to order the food outside for you have Air Fryer at home. You can eat the junk food healthily without the burden of consuming too much oil.

In this book, you will find the best:
Chicken and Potato recipes
Chicken recipes
Potato recipes.

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