Ways of Living For Success (Paperback)

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Billions of people are greedy, lazy, and never want an all-embracing development. The world is full of cowards, hypocrites, blabbers, false politicians, and false people. Most people are submissive to authorities, trust and believe in them in an infantile way. People are driven by delusions, magical thinking; they admire 'smoke and mirror'. People project weaknesses, their bad aspects and amoral doing onto other people. People project their longing for salvation onto authorities, the state and religion. Many unemployed people reject learning, hard work, and more working hours. The conceit to know what is fact, correct, just, right, and good is an infecting pest. Globally, 99% of people have not developed mental capacities for good ways of living.It is urgent time for billions of people to wake up and to learn how to live in a sustainable way and how to find success and fulfillment without losing their inner life and soul.

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ISBN: 9781975859121
ISBN-10: 197585912X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 28th, 2017
Pages: 94
Language: English