Arabi ana, I am Arabic: The Arab World (Paperback)

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The intention of this book (Arabi Ana) was never intended to rally the new Arab generation for the wrong cause and fill them with hate and animosity, rather than motivate them to create a better future for themselves. Arabs have been divided since the destruction of Baghdad at the hands of the Mongols and the fall of the Abbasid Empire in 1258 AD. The come-together of the Arab nations under the Ottoman Empire and the Turks was another occupation that lasted for almost a thousand years. After World War One followed by the fall of the Empire again, and once more the Arab world fail under Imperialism and the European occupations. Arab Mobbs fought the occupiers and achieved independence, but Arab population fail once more under a different occupation, only this time to Dictatorships. It took a liter of gasoline and a strike of match to raise awareness and ignite the Arab spring in 2010. The Arab spring started in Tunisia, North Africa, where a college graduate (Mohamed Bouazizi) in his early 30th set himself aflame. Bouazizi was out of work in a country hustling and bustling and billions of Dollars stashed in bedrooms and in different bank accounts around the world controlled by one greedy family surrounding the disgraced president, Ben Ali. The unrest took off like a wildfire and ravaged the Arab nations one country after another. A decade later, we look back and discover the aftermath of the Arab Spring, we discover an economic meltdown with no way out. Thousands of adult male and women flee their countries by any means possible to reach another frontier at any price even facing death. They left behind a devastated landscape, and grim future for the entire countries of their origin.

In this book (Arabi Ana) I talked about ancient history, Religions, Economy, Wars, good and bad time, reminding the new generation that the only way out is to get united and stop their dependance on other countries. Hope my message resonate in the ears of every Arab person and motivate him or her to change the course of their life.

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ISBN: 9781959173724
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Publisher: Hedi Bouhlel Publishing
Publication Date: February 18th, 2023
Pages: 146
Language: English