Mindful Emotions Workbook: A CBT Guide for Kids (Paperback)

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There are certain things you cannot protect your child from, like feeling stressed or anxious.

As they prepare to enter adolescence, they will come across new challenges that demand resilience and effective emotional regulation.

It is tempting to try to put out fires on your child's behalf, but what good will that do in the long run?

At some stage, they will be required to solve personal, social, and academic problems on their own and build the mental muscle to withstand difficulty.

Mindful Emotions Workbook is a self-therapy guide for children that introduces them to cognitive behavioral therapy skills. The workbook includes 33 exercises, spread across 8 chapters, and covers the following themes:

  • Learning cognitive reframing and restructuring skills by playing the role of detective and challenging, instead of accepting negative thoughts
  • Expanding your emotional vocabulary by memorizing a range of primary and secondary emotions and learning how to communicate your feelings effectively
  • Practicing the art of empathy by making positive assumptions, validating others, and improving your listening skills
  • Practicing the power of pause and turning to age-appropriate relaxation techniques to self-soothe

Your child will also be introduced to a young girl named Dani, a fictional character who is currently in middle school and learning how to use CBT to deal with school pressure, friendship conflict, and personal vices.

They, like Dani, will gain the confidence to confront life's challenges head-on, equipped with the necessary psychotherapeutic skills to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and enhance positive moods

Give your child a head start in adolescence by exposing them to important life skills early on. Get your copy of Mindful Emotions Workbook right away Just scroll up and click "Buy Now "

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Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
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